Thursday, August 25, 2016

Earth Kind Stay Away Spiders Review!

Hey guys, now you can have the cleanest apartment or home but sometimes you can't avoid those pesky critters, especially in the summer and spring. Spiders can be one of those critters. I get it, they're good insects because they kill the others -- but that still doesn't mean I want them living in my home you know? Fortunately, Earth Kind created Stay Away Spiders.

Stay Away Spiders is a great pest prevention that doesn't harm the spiders it just makes them avoid your home. It is a natural repellent that is safe and effective. They're easy pouches that you can put anywhere -- but it is recommended that you should not place it on furniture or finished surfaces as the product may stain. 

Each pouch is made with oils of citronella, lemongrass, and rosemary. Honestly, it smells really great. Spiders ideal living areas though are free of scent and vibrations which is why they hate this. So your area can smell great because of the pouch AND will be spider free. It is a pretty win-win situation.

I have this weird open window that I put my air conditioner in and I know ants get through and I'm sure spiders can, too, so I put one pouch there. We also have some spiders outside of our doorway by a dead plant so I put a pouch in there, too, just to avoid them from entering our place.

Earth Kind makes a variety of "stay away" products, too. Stay Away Ants, Months, and Rodents, too.

Overall, I really enjoyed this because it's non-toxic and still keeps those critters away, definitely check it out you won't be disappointed!

Buy It! Head on over to Earth Kind's website and browse their selection and see where you can buy it near you! Also Your can get 25% off the repellent at Social Nature. There are many other FREE sampling opportunities if you sign up too so check it out!

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