Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Goddess Garden Review

Taking care of you skin and body is very important, especially when it's summertime and you're out in the sun all the time. That's where Goddess Garden comes in. Goddess Garden is a great company that has a variety of organic skincare products, specifically sun care. 

I received a heap of samples from them including:
- Facial SPF 30 Sunscreen
- Everyday SPF 30 Sunscreen
- Face the Day SPF 30 Sunscreen and Finishing Primer
- Erase the Day Mineral-Removing Cleanser
- Dream Repair Sun-Repair Night Cream

The sunscreens are packed with nourishing and natural antioxidants as well as anti-aging ingredients like aloe vera. They go on your skin easily and don't irritate. I used both of these when I went to a water park the other day and am happy to say that I did not get burned. 

The Face the Day primer I learned a little goes a long way because I just opened up one of the entire samples and tried to spread it all over my face but it was too much, haha. After wiping off the excess I did feel better and it did protect my skin. As their website says: "Face the Day Sunscreen & Firming Primer features a sheer and lightweight formula to protect your skin from the cumulative effects of sun exposure. Plant-based ingredients like buddleja and vitamin B3 lessen the look of sun damage, while chicory root provides an immediate firming effect, making Face the Day ideal worn alone or as a makeup primer." I put it on this before I started my day, before I put on my makeup and everything and it made my skin feel soft and great.

Erase the Day is a great mineral removal for makeup or just you know remove that day off your face. Mineral-rich French clay attracts impurities like a magnet, while providing necessary nutrients. It leaves your skin soft, clean and nourished, with a tightening effect that minimizes pores and promotes smooth skin.

But you're day is not complete until you put on that Dream Repair Serum. It has a unique blend of natural ingredients like mango extract and licorice root, it instantly softens and smooths your skin, while providing an added lifting effect. Nourishing cream melts quickly into your skin to help repair, revive and brighten overnight. 

All the creams and lotions felt great, they weren't too oily and didn't stay on your skin, they were absorbed easily into your skin and just made your skin look great, too. 

Overall, I was very happy with my new rejuvenated skin. Definitely check out Goddess Garden you won't be disappointed!

Buy It! Head on over to the Goddess Garden's website and browse their selection!

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  1. I absolutely LOVE Goddess Garden Sunscreen! Not greasy at all, and I can use it on my face and my body. Smells lovely...lavender!