Friday, August 19, 2016

Thirty-One Gifts Review!

Hi everyone, now I know sometimes we're on the go and it's hard to carry around everything you have in one bag, but there is hope thanks to Thirty-One. Thirty-One sells a variety of gifts from bags and accessories and even jewelry! Whether you want them monogrammed or just rock a cute print, they've got you covered. 

I received their Perfect Cents wallet, New Day Tote, and Mini Zipper Pouch. The wallet and tote are in a print new for their Welcome to Fall line -- La-Di-Dot and the pouch is in Totally Tartan.

I LOVED these items. I actually immediately switched my wallet into the Perfect Cents wallet and it works so great. There's so many little slip for credit cards, an ID window where you can put your license in, as well as two big slips for bigger stuff like coupons and such. The outside has two zippers one is thicker than the other -- I put my cash in the thick one and my cents in the other. It fits everything excellently and zips up very compact. 

The tote was amazing too. I used it today for a beach bag and it fit everything and then some. It has two size pouches where I put two bottles of water, then two long zip up pockets on the outside. On the inside it's very roomy with one side having a zipper pocket and the other have 3 little pouches. It just fits so much stuff and the pouches and pockets make it so easy to not lose anything. I know sometimes when I usually use a tote they have no pockets so I can never find my keys or cell phone -- this did not have that problem!

The mini zipper pouch is great to just throw into the tote and put emergency stuff in like tampons and chap stick, or just make it a travel makeup bag. I loved it and you honestly can never have enough of these. 

Overall, I loved these products they're super handy and just make regular wallets and totes pale in comparison. They are made with great quality and just are perfect for everyone. Definitely check out Thirty-One gifts you will not be disappointed!

Buy It! Head on over to Thirty-One's website and browse their amazing selection!

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