Thursday, June 26, 2014

Chobani Greek Yogurt Review!

Hey everyone, fun fact about me I love greek yogurt. It's like my go-to for breakfast. I make a parfait type deal with fruits and oats and honey and it's just simply delicious. So when BzzAgent offered me the opportunity to review Chobani I hopped on the chance.

We all know and love Chobani but recently they came out with a 32 oz size for their greek yogurt and it is awesome. You may be worried because they're not individual-sized but you can make so much with this yogurt that it won't go to waste at all. From edamame hummus to red velvet cheesecake you can get fancy create the most delicious food. Or you can use it daily as your breakfast like I do and make some bomb greek yogurt parfaits.

Chobani is great because it is made with all natural ingredients. At my store they have the 32 oz in vanilla or 0% plain. I chose the plain because I also like adding it to smoothies just for texture and sometimes the added vanilla flavor messes up the smoothie flavor. 

Overall, I love Chobani, I'm a huge fan and love their bigger containers. Definitely check them out and their website for a huge variety of recipes you can create with greek yogurt, seriously you'd be so surprised.

Buy It! Head on over to Chobani's website and browse their great selection and see where they're selling them near you!

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