Thursday, October 23, 2014

Loot Crate October Fear Review!

I feel like I just received last month's Loot Crate, time flies! With Halloween just around the corner they picked the perfect items to have you squealing or shivering with delight, what with their theme of the month being FEAR. 

This month's box included:
Slashes and Bites tattoo's
The Loot Crate mini-magazine 
Sledgesaw Hammer Pen
How to Survive a Sharknado Book
Toxic Waste Candy
"Oh Brother" Walking Dead Art Print
The Walking Dead comic

And lastly...

Death by Kitten t-shirt

As a big fan of Halloween, skeletons, and The Walking Dead this was an A+ Loot Crate for me. I loved pretty much everything in it. 

The tattoos are perfect for a zombie Halloween costume, or even if you don't feel like going full blown costume'd out you can just put these babies on and say you're "infected." I haven't had the candy but I imagine it's going to be pretty awesome just with the name alone. 

The pen is awesome, it came in these fancy box with "Deadrising 3" on the bottom, so I'm guessing this is a weapon from that video game. Honestly though, you don't have to be a fan of the game/even know about the game to like this pen. It's so cool! It works well and just looks awesome. Bring it to work and you may look like a crazy person, but a pretty awesome crazy person.

The book tells how to survive Sharknado if it happens and other natural disasters/attacks like an "Antdemic," and "Ice Storm," and "Mothman." I haven't read it yet, but just by skimming through the book you can tell it's a pretty funny and entertaining read. Even if you've never seen Sharknado you'll still get a great laugh from it. I know this may be an odd compliment, but I also like the size of the book, it's small enough to stick in your bag and read it while you're on the bus or at lunch. Plus it's paperback so less weight, win!

The two Walking Dead items were excellent, too. I actually gave the print to a friend of mine who's obsessed with Norman Reedus. Though, I did find it odd that they decided to make a print out of that scene, it's a pretty sad one. The comic book looks awesome, it looks like it might be exclusive to Loot Crate. Honestly, I haven't opened it yet and I don't think I am. It might be valuable one day, you never know!

Lastly, the Death by Kittens t-shirt is HILARIOUS. It's negative photos of cats shaped into a skull. I love clever shirts like this. It's perfect for this Halloween season, too.

Once again, Loot Crate killed it! (get it?) Definitely check them out, you won't be disappointed!

Buy It! Head on over to Loot Crate's website and sign up! They're less than $20 a month!

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